Friday, March 16, 2012

Win a guest CT spot!

Hey Lovelies!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Mine is getting better. :) I outstripped a really hard 2-week. All of my family members had a terrible flue. The recovery was so hard and slow for all of us! Hopefully we're all healthy again.  The good news for me, and maybe for you too, spring is around the corner. The sun is shining all day, and the temperature is getting warmer. Oh, yeah... finally. I love this season, because I can keep the windows open more than 5 minutes, and I can hear those lovely birdies chirping around the house, I love so much. 
We should spend more and more time in the garden, that charge me with energy again.

After this short intro, I would like to tell you a fun opportunity. Few weeks ago we had a fun chat at Design House Digital, I enjoyed so much! Throughout the chat, Liz (DHD Liz, lol) figured out a great challenge for you all!
The main point is, you can win a guest spot on my Creative Team if you're participating.

You can learn more about this challenge in the Forum, or read the details here as Liz said:

"So, your challenge now is to scraplift Claudia's lo, and make at least ONE element on your lift a "real" embellishment. This is all going to be very liberally interpreted, meaning I don't care which part you find inspiring, just lift whatever you like. Add one embellishment or paper or tag or brad or word art or whatever you choose that you have to adhere after the digital version is printed (you know, with GLUE, or string, or thread, or brads, or staples, or eyelets, or clips... you get the idea). Then take a picture of the final lo and link it here. You do not have to use only Erica and/or Agi's kits for the hybrid challenge (but, it would be polite to use a little something of one of their kits to thank them for their generous prizes). You have until March 31, 2012 to wow us on the hybrid side. The winner of part two will get a spot on Agi's CT team for a month." Liz Jutila

Claudia's layout:

I can't wait to see your beautiful hybrid submissions! See ya in the forum, and good luck!
I'll announce the winner in my blog after we close this challenge. Deadline: 31st March 2012.

xo Ági

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  1. ó, de szupi kis kihívás!!! talán, ha visszajövök, nekiesek :)